Zombi U Coming to Xbox One (And Probably PS4)


Zombi U Coming to Xbox One (And Probably PS4)

Ubisoft is the type of publisher that releases everything multi-platform.  All of their big games receive versions on nearly every platform imaginable; Except, of course, for Zombi U.  The Wii U launch title was the rare exclusive published by Ubisoft, and it looks like the type of game that would never receive a port, eventually fading into obscurity. At least until now.

According the the Australian Classification Board, a game called Zombi is coming to the Xbox One from Ubisoft.  The title was officially classified on June 17th, the rating and classifications are identical to those of Zombi U, and the similar title gives us no choice but to believe it’s a port (with the U dropped from the title for obvious reasons).  We have no reason that this port will be limited to Xbox One, either.  Ubisoft believes in a fully multi-platform strategy, and a PS4 release is almost assuredly in the works as well.  If we get lucky, a PC port will be announced as well.

It remains to be seen how the Gamepad-heavy gameplay will translate to other platforms.  It’s possible that Ubisoft will embrace the second screen experience and use tablets and smartphones in place of the Gamepad, but it’s just as likely that they’ll forego the second screen entirely and move inventory management onto the television screen.

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