Insomniac Sending Players Free DLC for Sunset Overdrive


Insomniac Sending Players Free DLC for Sunset Overdrive

Have you played Sunset Overdrive at any point since it released? If you have, you might wanna check your Xbox Live messages. Insomniac has just begun to send out codes for free DLC. It looks like all of this DLC was available for season pass holders and those who purchased the deluze edition – but it’s a nice gesture for fans who don’t fall into either of those categories.

You’ll see the following message in your inbox if you’ve been sent a code:

Hey, it’s me Fizzie! Thanks for playing Sunset Overdrive. Here’s some in-game gear to show you our appreciation. Redeem on your console or at Drink more Overcharge!

And you’ll be presented with a code for the Fizzco Loyalty Rewards Package.

The DLC pack includes the following weapons and costumes:
Hangover Melee Weapon
OD Wannabe Outfit
Head-Bang Gun Weapon
Fizzco Bot Outfit
AK-FOFF Weapon
Accordes de la Muerta Melee Weapon

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