What To Do If Your Madden 18 Install Is “Stuck”


What To Do If Your Madden 18 Install Is “Stuck”

It’s been just under a week since the launch of Madden 18, and there seems to be a common issue of the game’s install being stuck, causing virtually every game mode and feature of the game to be locked. If you’re in that boat here are two possible situations you could be in, and how to fix them.

The first situation is you’ve booted up Madden 18 and have played through the Patriots-Falcons Superbowl rematch. This one is fairly straightforward, and sadly not a whole lot can be done on your end to speed it up besides sit and be patient. If you go to the notifications tab on your home menu you should see the game’s download progress. This can go slightly faster if you just leave your console and let the download do its thing.

The second situation is you’ve given Madden 18 the sufficient amount of time to download its approximately 40GB worth of data and your features are all still locked. You’ve checked your download progress and your console is assuring you that the install is in fact complete, but you’re stuck in limbo. The solution to this is to play and complete the Patriots-Falcons Superbowl rematch. It seems silly, but this will unlock all of your game modes and features. If you just want to get the show on the road simply begin the game with your quarter times as low as they can go, or just simulate the game. Your features should now be unlocked!

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