True Axis Look To Bring Skateboarding Games Back To Their Former Glory With True Skate Big Screen


True Axis Look To Bring Skateboarding Games Back To Their Former Glory With True Skate Big Screen

It’s no secret that the genre of skateboarding games has been on a steady decline over the last number of years. What was once a wildly popular brand of sports game, headlined by the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, has been plummeting into obscurity as of late.

True Axis looks to reverse that trend, as they take their mobile game, True Skate, to the big screen on Kickstarter. With over 13,000,000 mobile downloads, True Skate is hands down the most popular mobile skateboarding game in existence, but will that translate into a successful Kickstarter campaign? Ruben Garcia and Eric Koston think so.

True Skate Big Screen is a fresh launch on Kickstarter, with 29 days still remaining. The funding goal for the project is $650,000, which will help bring the game PC and Mac via Steam. True Skate Big Screen will be able to use the same intuitive flick controls as the mobile game using your mobile device, or by using the analog controls of a gamepad.

Receiving a copy of True Skate Big Screen takes a minimum of a $25 backing, and there are several in-game and physical rewards for those who pony up more cash to support the project. For $75 backers will receive early access to the game, and premium pledges of $580 will receive a pair of tickets to a Street League Skateboarding World Tour stop, along with autographs from SLS pros.

A major focus for True Axis if the Kickstarter campaign is successful is to make the most realistic character animation system possible. The sport of skateboarding requires very precise and intricate movements, and obtaining the level of realism takes time and money.

It’s quite a daunting task, but True Axis seems to be more than up to the challenge of revitalizing the skateboarding game genre. At the time of writing True Skate Big Screen is chipping away at its pledge goal with 71 backers, with the campaign ending on April 15th. To learn more about the True Skate Big Screen Kickstarter project, check out their page here.

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