Bear vs Methlab Launches on Kickstarter, To Be Released on PC In Q1 2017


Bear vs Methlab Launches on Kickstarter, To Be Released on PC In Q1 2017

Be prepared for one of the most outrageous party games you’ll ever see, as Whitebox Interactive’s Bear vs Methlab launches on PC early next year. In Bear vs Methlab, you and your friends control bears throughout a variety of mini games, and help take down an interdimensional meth cartel led by Adolf Hitler. Whitebox Interactive’s CEO, Jonathan Falkowski, had this to say about how the game came to be:

We got sore from punching each other over unfair mini games and stolen stars in other party games so we decided to make something balanced. Plus, it provides an alibi for typing methlab into Google for when the DEA inevitably raids your place. You’re welcome.

Bear vs Methlab is now on Kickstarter but it will be released regardless of the result of the campaign. The money raised through the Kickstarter project will go towards expanding the game and adding more mini games. Check out the Bear vs Methlab Kickstarter here.

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