Decorate Your Christmas Tree Nintendo Style With AmiibOrnaments


Decorate Your Christmas Tree Nintendo Style With AmiibOrnaments

Christmas may be 4 months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead with the innovative new Kickstarter project: AmiibOrnaments. Daniel Lee Thomas of Lexington, Kentucky has launched his creation that turns Amiibo figurines into Christmas tree ornaments. The design features a plastic base which holds the existing Amiibo base, and a wire form for hanging. A simple, yet extremely creative idea.



The AmiibOrnament Kickstarter campaign runs until September 5th, 2015, and backers of the project will have their ornmanets in time for this Christmas. Pledge levels are $18 for 6, $30 for 12, $45 for 24, $65 for 45, and $90 for 96 AmiibOrnaments. Unfortunately these AmiibOrnaments will only be shipped to the United States, and it would also mean that collectors would have to actually remove the Amiibo from it’s packaging. Check out the AmiibOrnaments Kickstarter page here.

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