Nintendo Posts Job Ad for Mobile Game Developer


Nintendo Posts Job Ad for Mobile Game Developer

Since Nintendo announced last year that they intend to partner with DeNA and develop games fro mobile devices, we haven’t heard much about their mobile strategy or the type of games they plan to release.  However, thanks to a job posting from the JobsAtNintendo Twitter account, we may have another piece of the puzzle.

Roughly one hour ago (as of this posting) the Twitter account posted a wanted ad for a “Mobile Game Developer” at NST, with NST referring to the Nintendo Software Technology, their North American game development studio located in Washington.  Nintendo has previously stated that they plan on developing mobile software internally, but has never specified which studio would undertake mobile projects.  Now, at the very least, we know of oen studio that is dipping their toes in the mobile ocean.

The ad, posted here, mentions that they are looking for someone with experience developing on Android and iOS and knowledge (or experience) of mobile game development.  This isn’t the first time Nintendo has sought mobile developers, but it is, however, the first time they have been specifically recruiting mobile game developers.

NST is most famous for developing the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, which would be a good fit for mobile out of all of Nintendo’s franchises.  It’s possible that this posting means that NST is looking to develop a Mario vs. Donkey Kong game for iOS and Android platforms.

Source: @jobsatnintendo

Source: @jobsatnintendo

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