The Legend of Zelda Movie That Almost Was


The Legend of Zelda Movie That Almost Was

If you didn’t hear over the weekend, there was some big Legend of Zelda news that was dropped. Netflix and Nintendo have teamed up to begin production on a live action television show based on the beloved franchise. The goal of the show is to become almost like a Game of Thrones for all ages to enjoy. If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan you may have some doubts and worries on how this will turn out, especially since live action and Nintendo haven’t mixed very well (Lookin’ at you, Super Mario Bros.). A CGI Legend of Zelda television show may be a better route to take, and to give you a little taste of what that may look like, feast your eyes on this trailer:

Back in 2007 Imagi Animation studios pitched that teaser to Nintendo, who ultimately turned it down. Imagi Animation Studios were no strangers to animating for the big screen, having done work for TMNT and Astro Boy. Unfortunately Imagi Animations closed down in 2010, and the teaser trailer leaves us thinking what could have been. What are your thoughts on the news of a live action LoZ television show? Would you prefer a CGI animated show or movie instead? Share your thoughts with us!

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