Sonic & Mega Man Amiibo Shortage at EB Games Canada


Sonic & Mega Man Amiibo Shortage at EB Games Canada

If you were hoping to pick up a Sonic or Mega Man Amiibo that you have pre-ordered at your local EB Games, you may be out of luck. EB Games Canada took to Twitter moments ago to apologize for not being able to cover pre-orders due to not receiving as many as they once thought. This trend seems to be on the rise as many uncommon Amiibo characters are becoming extremely rare and high in demand. One would think that if you pre-order something you would be guaranteed a release day pick up, but think again.


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  • Dee9922
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 13:37 pm

    Fantastic! they are 0/3 now. Now only did other retailers get the figures I pre ordered faster than EB, I also did not receive a call to pick up 3 of them. Any time I would go in and ask, I was quickly told they would call me when they arrived.

    A few weeks after they were supposed to be in I went into the store, told them customer service said to check with them, and what do you know the 3 orders they were going to call me about were there since jan 30th. Toys R Us on the other hand shipped an item to my house with a tracking number no problem…


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