Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter Account Roasts Mighty No. 9 Launch


Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter Account Roasts Mighty No. 9 Launch

To say the launch of Mighty No. 9 has been rocky would be a major understatement. If you listen closely you may actually be able to hear the sound of over 67,000 Kickstarter backers collectively lighting their torches and sharpening their pitchforks. From the mediocre reviews to the faulty download codes, it really has been a sad day for everyone who expected a spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise. But all this depressing news doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the situation, especially if you’re Sonic The Hedgehog (or at least the person running their twitter account). Earlier today the Sonic twitter account roasted the Mighty No. 9 launch with the following tweet:sonic

This tweet of course reference’s the now famous line from Keiji Inafune that Mighty No. 9 was “better than nothing”. While the tweet is pretty hilarious, we can’t help but feel bad for the thousands of people who backed this project and were promised so much.

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