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Scalpers Ruin Yet Another Nintendo Collectible: The NES Classic Edition

You may have heard of the newly released NES Classic Edition, a mini Nintendo Entertainment System that emulates 30 of some of the best games to ever be released on the console. You may also have heard about the NES […]


Gears of War 4 is Great, Except…

The microtransactions.  Look, Gears of War 4 is a great game, what with it’s improved Horde mode, new multiplayer modes, and a campaign that, while maybe not better than the campaigns in previous games, at least matches them.  It’s just […]


Franchises That Would Make Great Telltale Games

We’re big fans of Telltale Games and their brand of adventure games, and it’s safe to say that a lot of other people are as well.  It’s not just the way the game splay or the way the stories are […]


Ranking the Uncharted Series from Worst to Best

The Uncharted series is widely regarded as one of, if not the best series of games to grace the Playstation consoles. Nathan Drake’s treasure hunting adventures spanned five games across the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4, each providing an epic, action-packed […]


Best Canadian Game Developers

It’s Canada Day and, being a Canadian website, that means it’s time to celebrate the best of what Canada has to offer: beer, crystal blue lakes and some of the world’s best game developers. While our media is usually overshadowed by […]


What We’d Love to See From The Newly Announced Spider-Man Title

The Shrine Auditorium is dark and quiet. The crowd is still recovering from a massive Kojima reveal for Death Stranding, featuring a naked Norman Reedus cradling a baby on a beach. The screen pans across a New York City skyline. […]


Is This the Leakiest E3 Ever?

For those of us in Los Angeles, E3 may feel like it’s already in full swing, but the show doesn’t technically start for another two days. Yet already we’re seeing what seems like an unprecedented number of leaks. It’s almost […]


EA Originals is Great for Everyone, and Here’s Why

The biggest surprise of EA’s press conference, at least for us, was the introduction of EA Originals, the publishing giant’s new indie label. The core idea behind Originals is to promote the best games from small developers, with, EA is […]


Road to E3 Contest – Win $10 in Gaming Giftcards!

Controller Crusade is going into it’s second year, and once again we’re sending the team to E3.  In the leadup to this year’s show we’re having a contest where YOU can win $10 to spend on your favourite gaming network.  Just […]


Top 5 Videogame Movies

Movies based on videogames don’t exactly have the best reputation.  Much like comic book movies before them, Hollywood adaptations of our favourite games are suffering through a bit of a dark age, producing countless hours of unwatchable garbage for every hour of decently […]