Black Desert Online Adding Ninja and Kunoichi Classes on July 20th


Black Desert Online Adding Ninja and Kunoichi Classes on July 20th

Kakao Games’ hit MMORPG is expanding, so they’re now adding two new classes to Black Desert Online: the Ninja and Kunoichi classes. These new classes will be added on July 20th, three days after Node and Siege Warfare begin. Included in the update is an all-new Skill Add-On System, which allows players to customize their attacks by equipping up to two effects to their character’s skills. There will also be updates to the Skill Reset System as well, allowing players to re-spec their characters more easily without losing skill add-ons. Here is a closer look at the new classes coming to Black Desert Online:

The Ninja class specializes in agile close-quarters combat, utilizing dashes, aerial skills and even teleportation. Ninjas get close to their opponents alarmingly fast to land precise, deadly strikes. Ninjas can also make use of stun and debuff techniques to gain the upper hand.

The Kunoichi have a similar fighting style but players of this class specialize in deflecting attacks with their trusty kunai. A defensive force to be reckoned with, the Kunoichi use their sharp senses to execute perfectly timed blocks before landing devastating counterattacks.



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