Yooka-Laylee’s Supporting Cast Revealed In New Trailer


Yooka-Laylee’s Supporting Cast Revealed In New Trailer

While we wait for its release in Q1 2017, Playtonic Games showcased an all-new Yooka-Laylee trailer stuffed full of in-game footage at UK’s biggest gaming event, EGX. Not only does the trailer show off some awesome platforming, but we also get a look at several of the game’s supporting characters.

The villains of Yooka-Laylee are headlined by Capital B, the CEO of a diabolical corporation, who is partnered by a mad scientist named Dr. Quack, who together plan to absorb all of the world’s books and take over the world.

Some of Yooka and Laylee’s companions include Trowzer, a serpent salesman who Yooka and Laylee can purchase maneuvers from. There is also Dr. Puzz, a former colleague of Dr. Quack before he became corrupt, who uses her D.N.Ray to transform Yooka and Laylee into a variety of different critters and aid them on their adventure.

Last but not least, the trailer features a surprise cameo from an extremely popular indie game: Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight. No official word on what Shovel Knight’s involvement will be in the game once it is fully completed, but the characters of the two games share a funny moment. Check out the Yooka-Laylee EGX 2016 trailer below:

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