Where To Access Your Pre-Order Armor In Nioh


Where To Access Your Pre-Order Armor In Nioh

In the brutal world of Nioh you need every little edge you can get to survive. If you were lucky enough to pre-order the game and get a download code for the Nioh and Crimson armor sets, you may just give yourself a little head start. The real question is when and where can you access these exclusive items?

Once you’ve completed the prologue battling Derrick the Executioner, and have either completed the tutorial or skipped past it, you’ll find yourself on a shoreline in the first true mission in the game. If you immediately travel to your left you’ll find an alter, which acts as your save point and hub, similar to a bonfire in Dark Souls. In the alter’s hub you’ll find a menu selection for “Boon”. Simply select Boon and the game will search for any DLC items you have yet to claim. As downloadable content for weapons and armor become available, you’ll access those items the same way by selecting Boon at the alter.

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