tinyBuild Announces Outpost Zero


tinyBuild Announces Outpost Zero

tinyBuild has announced an upcoming survival FPS, but with a unique twist. Outpost Zero, developed by Symmetric Games, combines RTS elements such as base building and resource management to the survival FPS genre. Check out the announcement trailer below, which includes some pre-alpha gameplay footage.

Here’s how Alex Nichiporchik, tinyBuild’s CEO describes Outpost Zero:

Imagine playing Starcraft as a multiplayer Survival FPS. You land on a new planet, gather resources, build a base — and get onto building an army of AI bots to help you in your quest. Then you take this army to your neighbor’s base, and start a war. This is Outpost Zero. A new multiplayer survival FPS from Symmetric Games.

As development  on Outpost Zero ramps up, players will have a free public alpha phase where you can sign up and participate. We will be sure to keep you updated when the alpha date for Outpost Zero is announced.

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