These Should Be The Next 5 Dynasty Warriors Crossovers


These Should Be The Next 5 Dynasty Warriors Crossovers

Dynasty Warriors is one of those series that you either love or you hate.  If you hate the franchise you can easily ignore it, but if you love Koei Tecmo’s hack-n-slash franchise then you’ve got literally dozens of games across multiple subseries to choose from.  Dynasty Warriors is traditionally based Chinese “history” focusing around the three kingdoms period, but it isn’t a stranger to spinoffs and crossovers, either.  The series has taken on characters and scenarios from a multitude of different historial settings, videogames, and anime franchises.

With so many crossovers already, we figured “what’s a few more?” and began brainstorming franchises that would work well in Dynasty Warriors‘ unique formula of one hero versus a million enemies formula.  Here’s what we came up with.

Star Wars

It’s hard to think a franchise or genre that hasn’t seen a Star Wars twist and it’s high time that Dynasty Warriors joined the party.  There are very few things as cool as seeing a Jedi cutting through legions of enemies; and cutting through legions of enemies of what Dynasty Warriors does best.  Having two campaigns – one light side and one dark side – would allow you to play as iconic characters from both sides and cut through Stormtroopers and rebel soldiers alike.

Dragon Ball

Dynasty Warriors is no stranger to anime crossovers, yet it somehow has never crossed with what is quite possibly the most popular anime of all time.  Really, its a no-brainer when you think about it.  You’ve got a lineup of powerful heroes, a litany of cannon-fodder enemies to be punched down, a bunch of powerful super moves that could be customized and upgraded, and an almost endless array of environments across multiple planets.  Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z don’t even take themselves all that seriously, meaning they could have some fun with the Dynasty Warriors formula in addition to providing with some frantic, chaotic, and incredibly fun battles.

Who wouldn’t love to play fight through swarms of enemies as Goku? Or Krillin. I guess.

Final Fantasy

Dynasty Warriors has already crossed with Dragon Quest (twice!), so why not with Square-Enix’s other big RPG franchise?  It would be a match made in heaven, with dozens of characters to choose from and a full bestiary of monsters ready to go.  We imagine it would be a lot like Dragon Quest Heroes – heavier on the RPG elements than your average Dynasty Warriors game, but still with the unique combat system of Warriors.  It could feature a plot similar to the Dissidia series where the heroes from various Final Fantasy games come together, but the game’s main appeal would be seeing your favourite characters, villains, and monsters come together all in one place.

Dynasty Warriors Rome

Few historical settings are as popular as that of ancient Rome at the height of the empire.  Even videogames have gotten in on the action, with everything from cinematic action games like Ryse: Son of Rome to historical grande strategy like Rome: Total War.  Having tackled so many other ancient time periods, it only makes sense that Dynasty Warriors should head to Rome next.  Koei Tecmo has developed a game in this time period before, with 2011’s Warriors: Legends of Troy – but we imagine Dynasty Warriors Rome would go above and beyond.  It could feature the magnificent, marbled cityscapes of ancient Rome and would have playable centurions face off against barbarians and fellow Romans alike.  This is one time period we’re dying to see.

Mega Man

Capcom isn’t doing anything with Mega Man, so someone may as well put him into a game.  Like the other entries on this list, Mega Man already has a large, established cast of characters with varying powers and dozens of classic enemies.  Mega Man, Bass, Zero, and more could be playable – alongside some of the series’ most popular robot masters – and go up against some of the most iconic enemies in all of gaming.  This would even be a fresh face for Dynasty Warriors as a whole, with a cartoony, sci-fi aesthetic that would give the game an interesting twist all it’s own.

This is certainly one way to see him in a videogame again!


Fire Emblem, Gundam, and even Fist of the North Star and even The Legend of Zelda have gotten their own spinoffs, and we think these five franchises should next.  What other crossovers do we need to see in the Dynasty Warriors series?

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