Since Mewtwo is In, Here Are More Characters We’d Love to See In Smash


Since Mewtwo is In, Here Are More Characters We’d Love to See In Smash

Nintendo has opened the floodgates: With Mewtwo being announced as DLC for the new Smash Bros. it gives us hope that there will be even more characters coming in the future.  Luckily, we’ve been dreaming about this for years; Everytime a new Smash Bros. game is announced our minds go wild imagining the new characters that could make the cut.  While some of them made it in (Little Mac, anyone?) there’s still plenty we’d love to see make an appearance in Nintendo’s party brawler.

Since the newest Super Smash Bros. features several non-Nintendo characters, we’ve divided our wishlist into two sections: First party (characters made by Nintendo) and third party (characters who are not).

First Party



We knew that Dillon, from Dillon’s Rolling Western, would be perfect for Smash from the moment we saw him.  The cowboy armadillo is completely unlike any of Nintendo’s other characters, yet still fits in perfectly.  Ideally, we think he’d play like a slower version of Sonic (what with the whole “rolling into a ball” thing) with his own, wholly unique set of moves.  Slow yet highly defensive (what with the whole “armadillo” thing), Dillon would be the perfect character for someone who likes to hold back and take a few hits before jumping in for the kill.


The one character that everyone really wants, Metroid‘s big baddie would be a perfect for Super Smash Bros.  Think about it: He’s iconic, he’s big, and he could have a wider variety of moves.  Most importantly, he would play completely unlike any other character in the game.  We imagine he’d move similarly to Bowser – slow but powerful – while having decent range with his fireballs and a longer range grab using his tail.  Finish it off with his ability to fly and a Final Smash that (dare we say) could turn him into Meta Ridley?  Yeah, we want him in.



Another fan favourite, Geno from Super Mario RPG is probably the least likely character to make an appearance (since last we’d heard he was tied up in licensing hell between Nintendo and Square-Enix), but we still want him despite this.  It’s not hard to see why: He’s got a great design and some wicked-cool moves.  We imagine he would primarily be a ranged character, using his pellet gun arm and rocket fist to strike enemies from a distance.  His final Smash could be any one of his special moves from Mario RPG since they all involve him transforming into something else and doing a ton of damage.



Golden Sun‘s protaganist is so obvious we’re a little shocked he hasn’t made the jump from assist trophy to featured fighter already.  Think about it – he’s got a unique design, 3 games behind him, and a wide arsenal of psychic powers at his disposal.  Since he has such a vast array of powers, Isaac could really fit into any role: A close up brawler, a ranged sniper, or a unique character that relies on weird yet hard to predict moves.  He’s got potential, is what we’re saying.

Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario

We have Mario and Doctor Mario, so why not add in one more variation?  Paper Mario, we hope, would be more than just a clone of regular Mario – his papery form would allow for all sorts of unique moves.  His specials could involve changing into various forms (imagine turning into a paper airplane for his Up-B?) and his Final Smash could involve summoning the Crystal Stars from The Thousand Year Door.  Being paper, it probably wouldn’t take much to send him flying, but would also mean he would float down slowly and have plenty of time for recovery.

Third Party



We’ve already got Mega Man and Pac Man, so let’s throw in the other  “Man” from the days of gaming past: Bomberman!  Hudson’s most popular character has a long history with Nintendo dating all the way back to the NES and a design that fits in just swimmingly with Nintendo’s elite.  His bombs are a great weapon, and we imagine pressing the A button would deliver a flurry of punches and kicks while all of his special B button moves would be different types of bombs.  You could even add in an element from the classic Bomberman games and have him collect fire powerups as he fights, giving his bombs more oomph each time.



What the hell, throw in another “Man” while we’re at it.  Rayman has made an appearance on every Nintendo platform since the N64 and Rayman Legends, despite it’s unfortunate delay, is still one of the best and most iconic games for the Wii U.  Ubisoft’s limbless hero should make a jump from trophy to playable character, since his fast moves and awesome wind-up punch would fit in perfectly with the rest of the Smash cast.

Simon Belmont


Along with MegaMan and Mario, what other game completes the grand trifecta of NES-era platformers?  Castlevania, or course!  He’s got a long history with Nintendo and his moves are already created.  All of the classic Castlevania items would make perfect Smash moves: Down-B could be holy water that sends flames across the floor, Side-B could be the cross that goes spinning forwards, and standing B could be the axe that flies in an arc overhead.  Simon Belmont is such an obvious choice that his moves pretty much create themselves.

So those are our picks for the characters we’d like to see as either featured in either DLC or an upcoming Super Smash Bros. games.  Did we miss your favourite character or forget anyone incredibly obvious?  Let us know in the comments so that we can all imagine a giant Smash cast together.

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Justin is the Founder of Controller Crusade and has played video games for as long as he can remember. He loves all games but there's an extra special place in his heart for anything created by Nintendo. He's also a big retro gamer and is deeply interested in video game history—so there's that. You can contact him via email at or via Twitter @sirultimos


  • Brandon
    Oct 23, 2014 @ 22:17 pm

    Yes, Simon Belmont and Issac please.

  • anon
    Oct 23, 2014 @ 22:13 pm

    Shut up about Ridley already. Did you not see the stream? Give up. I’m glad he’s not in the game.

  • nick
    Oct 23, 2014 @ 21:40 pm

    plok instead of rayman. maybe dixie kong or k-rool added the rest is a solid wish list tho… imo

    • Justin Arnott
      Oct 23, 2014 @ 22:08 pm

      Plok is a good one. You can never go wrong with Plok.


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