Road to E3 Contest – Win $10 in Gaming Giftcards!


Road to E3 Contest – Win $10 in Gaming Giftcards!

Controller Crusade is going into it’s second year, and once again we’re sending the team to E3.  In the leadup to this year’s show we’re having a contest where YOU can win $10 to spend on your favourite gaming network.  Just follow the rules below and you’ll be entered into the draw!

The Prize

You will win a $10 Gift Card for the gaming network of your choice.  Xbox Live, PSN, Steam or even Nintendo’s eShop.  The choice is yours, and if you win we’ll send you a $10 (or your local currency) in credit for your favorite gaming network.  You like games, so why not have some money to spend on them?


The rules are few and couldn’t be easier!

  1. Like our Facebook Page
  2. Share this post
  3. That’s it!  You’re entered to win!

Want additional entries? Follow our Twitter account for an additional entry.  Retweet this tweet for one more!

You can have up to three entries into this contest by following the above rules.  Winner will be drawn on Friday, June 10th and announced on our Facebook page or Twitter account so that we can get in touch.  if you win you’ll have 24 hours to claim your prize before you forfeit and we draw another winner.

More Contests

Want even more chances to win?  Keep checking our page!  We’ll be running another contest next week during E3 where we’ll be giving away even more prizes.  Stay tuned for more details!


There’s usually some fine print, right?  Websites only run contest because they want something from you.  If we’re being honest here, so do we – but we only want something very small.  We just want you to read our stuff.  Controller Crusade isn’t run by a big corporation.  It’s not some high-powered startup or arm of a media empire.  This site is run by a handful of people that do it because they love games.  they love playing games and writing about games and talking about games.  We don’t make any money of of the site (in fact, it costs us all money) and eats up a lot of time.  We don’t mind – again, we love writing about games – but we’d really like people to actually read what we write.  We put a lot of time and effort and effort into our work, and nothing is more depressing than pouring hours upon hours into a piece only to have it read by a handful of people.  It’s not all bad; Some of our articles have been read by tens of thousands of people.  we’d just like that more often.

So we’re running this contest to hopefully get some more attention onto our work.  Not for the money or the fame, but just because we love games and want to share it with everyone.

About Justin Arnott

Justin is the Founder of Controller Crusade and has played video games for as long as he can remember. He loves all games but there’s an extra special place in his heart for anything created by Nintendo. He’s also a big retro gamer and is deeply interested in video game history—so there’s that.

You can contact him via email at or via Twitter @sirultimos

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