One of the industry’s greatest programmers wants to teach you how to make games for free


One of the industry’s greatest programmers wants to teach you how to make games for free

Casey Muratori is a name you probably haven’t heard of, but you’ve definitely seen his work. He once worked for RAD game tools and created the Granny Animation SDK, a set of animation tools that have been used in thousands of games over the past decade. He also had a hand in creating in Bink 2, the next version of the most popular video codec ever used in game creation and most recently he’s been helping Jonathon Blow with the creation of The Witness. Needless to say, he’s a man who knows his way around some code. And now he wants to teach you how to code a game, completely from scratch, for free.

He’s calling this project “Handmade Hero”, and it’s going to be a series of livestreams where, as stated, he teaches you to program a videogame completely from scratch. He’s not just making a simple game, either. It will be, as he describes a “fairly-complex” game and will personally write and (more importantly) explain every line of code. His goal is to teach the next generation of programmers and game creators not just how to program games, but how to do it well.

Ultimately, what you’ll acquire is a very solid foundation in game programming, and a codebase that will be portable across almost any platform. The streams are going to begin on November 17, and then will be archived for later viewing on Youtube.

What if I don’t have any programming experience?

Casey’s videos are designed to be easy to follow along, and are even able to be followed by people with very little to no programming experience. He’s already created one introductory video to test his setup, and it’s viewable online here. Take a look to see if you can follow along with his teaching style.

It’s not often one of the greatest minds in the industry wants to spread his knowledge for free, but if you’ve ever wanted to make videogames then now’s your chance to learn from one of the best.

Handmade Hero Website (
Handmade Hero Twitter Account (@handmade_hero)
Casey Muratori’s Twitter Account (@cmuratori)

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