No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Is Now Live, But Is It Too Late?


No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Is Now Live, But Is It Too Late?

It’s hard to think of a game that has ever suffered from more of a fall from grace than Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. Possibly one of the most hyped games ever released, No Man’s Sky quickly soured its fan base after the game was no where near what was expected or promised. The gaming community wanted answers, and as the months passed, Hello Games remained silent, and Sean Murray became public enemy number one.

Well now the silence has been broken, and Hello Games and Sean Murray are rolling out a massive patch in what they call the “Foundation Update”. Earlier today they released a video detailing several updates looking to gain some redemption from their shrinking fan base.

Some of the major additions in the patch include new game modes: Survival and Creative. Players can now claim a home planet, and construct their own outpost. In your outpost you can farm materials, decorate, and also recruit aliens that specialize in weapons or resources.


Field equipment can now be deployed, making harvesting more efficient. Players can now use automated mining harvesters, as well as create waypoints for places of interest on your planet. Save points can also be constructed from materials, which can be useful when playing survival mode. Also planets can now be scanned from space to see what resources they have to offer, so travelers no longer will need to waste time wandering around planets that do not have materials they’re looking for. Freighters can now be purchased, and can be used as a storage utility from materials and resources. Goods can be teleported to your freighter on the fly while you harvest on a planet.

For a more detailed look at all of the new features the Foundation Update has to offer check out the No Man’s Sky official website. Has the Foundation Update made Hello Games regain your trust and make you want to blow the dust off your copy of No Man’s Sky? Or has the whole No Man’s Sky fiasco over the last four months turned you off the game entirely? Let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!




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