Nintendo Reveals Splatoon Boxart


Nintendo Reveals Splatoon Boxart

Today is a big day for Nintendo related news.  In addition to today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has just revealed the boxart for their exclusive upcoming shooter, Splatoon.  This follows the news from Nintendo direct that revealed more features we can expect to see in Splatoon, such as customizable costumes, weapon loadouts, the game’s main menu and Miiverse integration.

Unfortunately, this is as big an image as we could secure at the moment:


As seen above, the boxart is brightly colored with blue and orange cominating the art, with the actual art extending over the branding in the form of paint splatters.  It continues Nintendo’s tradition of it’s first-party Wii U games having colorful, eye catching artwork on the cover.  Splatoon releases this May exclusively for the Wii U.  You can read our hands on preview of Splatoon by clicking here.


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