Nintendo Launches SplatNet


Nintendo Launches SplatNet

Today marks the English-language debut of SplatNet, Nintendo’s companion website to Splatoon.  Hosted at, the site requires a Nintendo Network ID to sign in (which you already have if you’ve been playing Splatoon) and provides a wealth of information for both squids and kids alike.

The site is divided into 4 main sections: Friends, Rank, Equipment, and Stages.  Friends shows you which of your friends are currently Splatting, while Rank shows the weekly leaderboards of everyone your friends list.  Equipment shows which equipment you’re currently rocking, and a list of every weapon you’ve ever used complete with the total number of points it’s earned you throughout it’s lifetime.  finally, Stages shows the current stage sin the rotation and introduces the very welcome feature of showing upcoming stages and the time they’ll become available.

SplatNet is optimized for mobile devices, so it seems that Nintendo’s plan is for players to stay in the loop on the go or at work, or any time they’re unable to play but want to see what their friends are up to.  It’s not exactly a new idea, but it’s cool to see Nintendo adopt such a useful tool.

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