Make Your Own Wallpaper With Super Mario Wallpaper Maker


Make Your Own Wallpaper With Super Mario Wallpaper Maker

Looks like Nintendo isn’t content to just let you create Super Mario courses.  They’ve decided that your computer or smartphone should be decked out in a Super Mario theme, and thus Super Mario Wallpaper Maker was born.  Launched today on Nintendo’s Japanese website, this online tool allows you to create a wallpaper for either a smartphone or a desktop, in a variety of resolutions, using the Super Mario Maker interface.  You’re able to switch between all 4 themes as featured in Super Mario Maker (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U) and 5 different tilesets for each.  The HTML5 based editor functions remarkably closely to the actual Super Mario Maker editor, even allowing you to “power-up” enemies by giving them super mushrooms and change the height of pipes by dragging them.  You obviously can’t actually play these creations, and can only save them as an image.

It’s a simple site that’s completely usable even without any knowledge of Japanese, and is a fun way to give your device a Nintendo theme.



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