Incredible Cosplay Of Insomniac’s Spider-Man


Incredible Cosplay Of Insomniac’s Spider-Man

It has only been a few short months since Insomniac’s new Spider-Man title was teased during Sony’s press conference during E3, and there’s already some excellent cosplays of the unique costume. Insomniac’s version of the iconic Spider-Man costume features accents of white, as opposed to the traditional black, which provides a nice contrast. If you haven’t seen the costume or need a refresher, check out the E3 2016 trailer for the new PS4 Spider-Man title.

The pattern designs for the Insomniac Spider-Man costume were done by Gun Head Design, who specializes in patterns for all things comic book, including Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Punisher, and Captain America. Assembling the costume was done by RPC Studio, who specializes in replica props and costumes. RPC Studio can provide custom fit costumes based on your measurements when you place your order.


The model for the costume is Spideyfit, a cosplayer/personal trainer who is well known for his cosplays of all types of variations of the web slinger.


For more images and information on this and other amazing cosplay costumes, check out the Instagram pages of RPC Studio, Spideyfit, and Gun Head Design.

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