High Horse Entertainment Announces Cross-Play For Disc Jam


High Horse Entertainment Announces Cross-Play For Disc Jam

Since the launch of Disc Jam back in March, High Horse Entertainment has been making strides to improve every aspect of the game and to give you the best Disc Jam experience possible. Their next big improvement was revealed earlier today, as they announced cross-play will be coming between Playstation 4 and PC players.

Here’s the official announcement from Disc Jam‘s Steam page:

As we mentioned in our dedicated servers announcement, our recent infrastructure upgrades have paved the way for a very important feature: cross-play between PC and PS4! This means that players from both platforms will soon be able to play against each other, effectively joining our player pools and providing more competition for everyone. We had originally planned to roll out dedicated servers and cross-play much later in the year, but soon after launch it became clear that the best thing we could do to service our players would be to immediately upgrade our architecture in hopes of delivering the best online experience possible.

Now that our implementation has been approved, the new update will go out as soon as it passes Quality Assurance testing. Our hope is that it will go live in the coming week but this timeline is somewhat out of our hands. We also have several more exciting updates to share in the coming days so stay tuned and, as always, we thank you guys for your patience and understanding as we work to get this stuff into your hands!

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