Gears of War 4 Experiencing Server Issues. Again.


Gears of War 4 Experiencing Server Issues. Again.

Looks like Gears of War 4 is experiencing server issues for the second time in a week.  As we reported last Sunday, Gears 4 had issues that stemmed from too many people opening the game’s packs at once.  Well, once again players are experiencing issues connecting to the game’s servers, for both versus and Horde mode.  Reports of server issues have started filing in on Reddit, and I’ve experienced issues myself starting from around 8:10 PM EST.

Last weekend when players were experiencing issues The Coalition responded by extending availability of the limited time pack and offering a double XP weekend.  The Double XP weekend was supposed to be this weekend, but it looks like it may be cut short due to reoccurring server issues.  It remains to be seen whether the double XP event will be extended, or if The Coalition will offer another weekend event as compensation.

Today also saw the introduction of another limited edition pack, the Luchador Oscar pack which contains a set of cards only available within this pack.  Players are speculating that the current issues are related to this new pack, since it was packs that caused the issues last time.

As of yet, The Coalition has not acknowledged any issues.  We will update as the story develops.


Update 1:30 AM 22/01/2017

Intermittent issues seem to still be present.  Some players have reported being able to play normally, some have reported being able to start games but getting dropped partway through, and some are still unable to connect.

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