Franchises That Would Make Great Telltale Games


Franchises That Would Make Great Telltale Games

We’re big fans of Telltale Games and their brand of adventure games, and it’s safe to say that a lot of other people are as well.  It’s not just the way the game splay or the way the stories are told, either; The folks at Telltale are masters of taking famous franchises and turning them into great games.  From The Walking Dead and Fables to other names known within gaming such as Borderlands and Minecraft, Telltale has a knack for telling great stories within established frqanchises – and that’s what inspired us to create this list.

Below is a listing of 5 franchises we’d love to see get the Telltale treatment.

Breaking Bad


Throughout its five season run, Breaking Bad had a massive following. Many fans were sad to see Walter and Jesse go, and although a spin-off series was produced featuring Saul Goodman, it’s just not the same. What better way to bring the meth-cooking duo back then having their very own Telltale series? Of course you couldn’t have a Breaking Bad Telltale series without Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprising their roles and voicing their iconic characters, which makes the chances of it happening extremely unlikely.



Dexter is one of the most likely candidates on this list to make the jump over to a Telltale series. Because of the way the show ended (just an awful series finale by the way) there’s a possibility of continuing on with where it left off. There are also a variety of storylines that could be taken from the Jeff Lindsay novels. What makes Dexter an excellent choice for a Telltale series is the constant threat of being exposed as a serial killer, and having no room for error when making his kills. Being able to choose your targets and choosing how to execute your kills would also be a ton of fun.

Sons of Anarchy


Much like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy had a huge fan base that was heartbroken to see the show come to an end. While there have been rumblings of a spin-off series focusing around the Mayans and a prequel featuring Jax Teller’s father, Sons of Anarchy would also make an excellent Telltale series. There are many different ways that Telltale could approach an SOA series, whether they choose one of the two spin-off ideas mentioned above, utilizing the existing characters from the show, or even creating an original series based on a different chapter located in a different area. No matter which option they choose, there’s no doubt that a Sons of Anarchy Telltale series would be a hit.



Since Telltale has already gotten into the superhero game with DC’s Batman, it might be time to take the Marvel universe for a spin.  There’s a lot of possible heroes and teams to focus on, but none of them have quite as much potential as the X-Men.  There’s a lot of possible directions Telltale could take the series with decades of stories of pull from and countless members of the team that would be great to play as.  Even better, the X-Men game could introduce a new hero who gets to interact with all of our favourites.

Doctor Who


We don’t think there’s any franchise that lends itself as well to Telltale’s style of episodic gameplay as Doctor Who.  The game would be merely an extension of the series, allowing us to see what the Doctor is up to off screen and each episode could be a self-contained story that all tie into one larger plotline, much like each series of the television show.  The universe is absolutely rife with fantastic locations and alien creatures to see, and who doesn’t want to finally go toe-to-toe with some Daleks?  Not only that, but we could finally have the experience of making the tough choices that the Doctor makes on every episode. Combine that with voice talent from the actors on the show, and only one question remains: Which incarnation of the Doctor should we play as?

What other franchises should get a Telltale game?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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