Direct2Drive Unveils Stupidest Marketing Campaign in the History of the Universe


Direct2Drive Unveils Stupidest Marketing Campaign in the History of the Universe

Direct2Drive, for those unfamiliar, is a digital videogame store that offers downloads of PC games.  It is also a company that employs the worst marketing team since Acclaim shut down a decade ago.  Earlier today they decided to launch the insensitively named “Trigger Warning Week” that offers discounts on “Gaming’s Most Inclusive, Diverse, & Empowering Titles”.  If you don’t immediately see the problem with this campaign, then congratulations on avoiding the worst series of events the internet has to offer.

Presumably, Direct2Drive is doing this sort of thing to appeal to the worst aspects of the gaming community and generate publicity from their “edgy” marketing techniques.  Unfortunately, they decided to throw out this desperate plea for attention by clinging to the remains of a toxic movement that is way past its prime.

Normally it would be our policy to link to the official website so you can see the stupidity for yourself, but in this case we’re going to forgo the link in order to not give them the traffic they most definitely do not deserve.  You’ll have to settle for the screenshots below.


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