Crafting Comes to Worms W.M.D.


Crafting Comes to Worms W.M.D.

Just announced by Team 17, crafting is coming to the upcoming Worms W.M.D.  It’s an interesting twist on the traditional Worms formula.  As your play you’ll collect crates that fall from the sky that you can then us to upgrade your weapons, or create entirely new ones, to blow up enemy worms with.  You can even take apart your own weapons and craft them into something else.  It’s a new concept for the Worms franchise, and looks like it will mix things up in both single and multiplayer games.

The official press release is below the new crafting screenshots.

UK – 14th June 2016
 – Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 has today unveiled a brand new crafting system for its forthcoming Worms W.M.D which is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC later this year.

Worms W.M.D will feature 35 different utilities and weapons within the game but for the first time ever players will be able to expand this number to over 80 with the addition of crafting, another brand new feature for Worms W.M.D which joins the previously announced new features of vehicles and buildings.

Players will start the game with a specific amount of crafting ingredients, depending on which game scheme is chosen. Or none at all if they choose the Classic scheme! Further ingredients can then be collected from crafting crates or scavenged by dismantling existing weapons. Can’t reach the enemy worm and you’ve only got a Baseball Bat? Dismantle it and craft a grenade!

Weapons and utilities can be crafted during the player’s turn or even in between turns during online play, as the opposing teams take their turns. Crafting really expands the weapon set and adds in many brand new fun weapons including the Party Balloon, Luzi, Electric Sheep, Sticky Grenade and Concrete Angry Donkey to name but a few.

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