Controller Crusade Roundtable: Most Hilarious Unintentional Game Moment


Controller Crusade Roundtable: Most Hilarious Unintentional Game Moment

Hey everyone, and welcome to another Controller Crusade Roundtable discussion. Every Friday our team of writers tackle a different gaming topic or question, and the topic this week is the most hilarious unintentional game moment we’ve experienced. Let’s hear some of the Controller Crusade staff’s weird glitches and funny moments they’ve encountered.

Josh: The gaming moment that made me laugh the most actually didn’t happen to me, but quite a few years back I was watching my buddy (and fellow Controller Crusade writer), Wes play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He had just engaged the boss battle with The Pain, who is a strange character covered my a swarm of bees. One of The Pain’s favourite weapons in his arsenal are grenades, which he likes to announce before he throws. As soon as The Pain began to announce a grenade throw, the PlayStation 2 froze, and all that could be heard was “Grenade!-nade!-nade!-nade!-nade!-nade!-nade!”. This went on for several minutes in a continuous loop as we sat there laughing ourselves to tears.


Wedge: A pretty amusing moment happened to me and a buddy of mine while playing Borderlands 2 on PC recently. I’m not exactly sure what triggered it, but while we were fighting one of the bosses my buddy’s Siren character started doing glitchy animations. Eventually his character started hovering around with her legs still and her arms twisted inhumanly behind her, while her gun was still firing. I managed to capture a screenshot during some of the action, but unfortunately even that isn’t enough to capture the absurd hilarity of actually witnessing it. This strange glitch lasted until we quit our session too.


Doing Pilates in Borderlands 2

That’s a wrap on this edition of Controller Crusade Roundtable. As always we love when our readers join in on the discussion, so let us know what your funniest unintentional gaming moment was. Also if you have any questions that you would like our team to answer for next week, let us know! Check back next week, and each and every Friday for more Controller Crusade Roundtable Discussions.

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