Coins In Super Mario Odyssey Function As Currency


Coins In Super Mario Odyssey Function As Currency

With E3 about to get started, Nintendo has started their annual Treehouse Live stream.  To start things off, they’re demoing Super Mario Odyssey.  Not only are we get a first look at actual gameplay, but the Treehouse crew is dropping some interesting tidbits about the game.

To start off with, they mentioned that, for the first time in a mainline Mario game, coins will function as actual currency.  Coins can be spent on in game, although they have yet to show off any of the items that may be purchased.  Additionally, it seems that each World has their own currency that may only be spent in that world.  When picking up the wedge-shaped coins in the Mexican-inspired world, a note appeared on screen that stated “The coins may only be used in this World”, as well as a counter showing that there are only 100 of them to collect.

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