Author: Saeed Dickie


Exploring the early days of PC Gaming: 7 Worthy MS-DOS games You Must Try

Windows 95 brought forward the dawn of graphical user interface computing into the mainstream and with it re-introduced personal computers as a home multimedia hub that became a necessity in every household back in 90s. Prior to Microsoft’s game-changing operating […]


Video Game Retrospective: What the industry should consider in 2015

  Another year has hastily flew past us and the video game industry has experienced its fair share of big stories in 2014. Sony and Microsoft battled it out with their new consoles while Nintendo stood by and released hotly anticipated titles […]


New Year, Old Console? Why You Should Revisit the Dreamcast in 2015

Remember the late 90s? The bleeps of monophonic ringtones, Internet modem screeching and Livin’ La Vida Loca? Funnily enough, I could never tell the difference between them, but that’s beside the point. The late 90s did grace us with some […]