3 Indie Titles Now Available in Physical Form on PS4


3 Indie Titles Now Available in Physical Form on PS4

Thanks to the investigations of a user on NeoGAF and some Amazon listings, it looks like 3 digital-only PS4 titles will be receiving a retail release.  Stick it to the Man, Pure Chess, and Pure Pool have been spotted on Amazon with boxarts for a price of $19.99.  Whether these are actual physical copies with discs or merely boxes with download codes remains to be seen, and we’re not yet sure if these are Amazon exclusive or will eventually show up at other retailers.

While it seems like a rather random selection of games, all 3 titles were originally published by the same company, and are now being distributed physically by a company called PlayIt.  While I’ve yet to play Pure Pool or Pure Chess, I can confirm that Stick it to the Man is a wonderful and definitely worth playing if you haven’t already (and it’s available on every platform under the sun).  I hope that these physical editions do well enough to encourage other bringing other indie games to the physical realm.





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  • matt
    Dec 16, 2014 @ 10:39 am

    A lot of indie titles could fit on one Blu-Ray disc. Although people may not see the value in it, it would help preserve them long after the online services have gone away. For instance, After Burner Climax is being taken off Xbox Live, so you only have a short time left to get that one. And other games have been taken off.

    I was kind of expecting Sony to release more “Best of PSN” editions, but I think they only did one volume.


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