Take a Look at the E3 Exclusive Xbox One Controller


Take a Look at the E3 Exclusive Xbox One Controller

E3 is all about the games, so much that sometimes we forget that sometimes things are shown off that could be consider “game-adjacent”.  In this case, it’s the Xbox Design Lab, a service provided by Microsoft that allows users to create their own custom Xbox One controllers, complete with engraving.  They rolled out this service last year at E3 and it has mostly flown under the radar since (and they even introduced more design options this week).

For the most part, people attending gaming’s biggest showcase have avoided spending too much time ogling custom controllers, especially when there are so many amazing games to play is such limited time.  But one interesting thing that has gotten people to take a look has been the E3 Exclusive Xbox One controller from the Xbox Design Labs.

This new controller is only available to be ordered from the Xbox booth on the E3 show floor, and is limited to only 1000 units.  The controllers can still have it’s colours customized, and will also include a special marking that shows which number out of 1000 it is.

Since we were in Los Angeles at E3, we decided to take a few pictures of the extremely limited edition controllers they had displayed as demos.  You can see the pictures below.

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