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PDP Unveils Some Flashy Amiibo Displays and More

Performance Designed Products showcased many new controllers, headsets and Rockband accessories at their E3 booth this year, and while most of the products were kept behind closed doors, we managed to get a good look at their Amiibo accessories. Here’s […]


Shovel Knight Becomes The First Indie Amiibo

During last night’s Nindies@Night event Nintendo several Indie announcements, the biggest being the reveal of the Shovel Knight Amiibo. The Amiibo will unlock exclusive features for Shovel Knight on the Nintendo WiiU and 3DS, making it the first Indie Amiibo […]


Sonic & Mega Man Amiibo Shortage at EB Games Canada

If you were hoping to pick up a Sonic or Mega Man Amiibo that you have pre-ordered at your local EB Games, you may be out of luck. EB Games Canada took to Twitter moments ago to apologize for not […]


Amiibo Wave 3 Update From EB Games Canada

  If you have been wondering about the next wave of Amiibo, EB Games Canada has given some insight on their Twitter page. Wave 3 will be available this Friday, January 30th, and will likely be extremely low quantity for […]


Luigi is the Newest Victim of the Amiibo Defects

Nintendo’s quality control department must have started their holiday break a little early. First it was Samus and her dual arm cannons, then it was Princess Peach having no legs, now it seems that Luigi Amiibo figurines have been spotted […]


First Impressions: Nintendo Amiibo Figurines

When Nintendo first announced the concept of the Amiibo Figurines, I was extremely skeptical. Nintendo figurines using the same technology made notorious by Skylanders and Disney Infinity sounded to me like a cash grab on the part of Nintendo. I will […]